It is important to note that the following software updates are intended to enhance the capabilities of money counter machines in detecting counterfeit currency. However, Afif Kichli Est does not assume any responsibility for any damages that may result from the installation of these software updates onto the machines. Additionally, Afif Kichli Est does not accept any liability for any counterfeit notes that may not be detected by the machines following the installation of these software updates. It is recommended that individuals exercise caution and proceed at their own risk when uploading these software updates onto their money counter machines.

Money Counter 325MVC KOLMAN 21-6-2023

Money Counter 2000MVC KOLMAN 21-6-2023

Money Counter 2500MVC KOLMAN 21-6-2023

Money Counter 1500MVC KOLMAN 21-6-2023

Money Counter 1000MVC KOLMAN 21-6-2023

Money Counter 500MVC KOLMAN 7-8-2023

Money Counter 300MVC KOLMAN 28-3-2023

Money Detector AL-135 KOLMAN 28-3-2023

Money Detector AL-136 KOLMAN 29-9-2023

Money Counter 926 KOLMAN 7-8-2023

Money Counter 930 KOLMAN 7-8-2023